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TM Plans to Launch LTE Service February Next Year


Hi friends,

Just saw this news ” TM Plans to Launch LTE Service February Next Year ” at Long Term Evolution (LTE) or 4G LTE standard is high speed data wireless for mobile phone. It is consider as new technology after 3G.


With this news will hope to enhance the development of telecommunication in our country. Especially to people who live in rural area which hard to have the network for make a call or surf to the internet due to the geographical factors.

And also able to solve problem of network interruption during peak hour especially during the festive season…huhuhu…it give a big trouble and difficult to the user to communicate each others. Hope after this no more ya…heee…

So that’s all for now…c u 😉


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Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet


Hi friends,

Just want to share this news about ” Nokia Lumia 2520 ad pokes fun at iPad air for productivity “.

So cool…check it out!! It seem iPad has new competitor heee…

comic pc

c u 😉


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tweet tweet…tweet tweet



Hi friends,

Just want to share the news from Twitter. On last October Twitter had announced that we can watch the tv through the Twitter yeay!!! cool!!.. i think i’m the last person who notice it..huhuuh…nevermind better late then never…hee. For further info you can refer to the Twitter and Comcast’s new ‘See it’ button lets you watch and record TV shows from within a tweet

Ok that’s all for now..sorry have lot assignment need to finish it and submit this week huhuhu..

Have a nice day!

c u 😉




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7 Online Scams and How To Avoid Them


 Hi friends..

Just want to share something that I think is good information to us, article with the title “7 Online Scams and How To Avoid Them” ….remained me yesterday’s lecture, on subject MIS by Prof. Azizi, on topic no.6 (chapter 8) “Securing Information System”…perhaps can be useful information to us in understanding  this topic 😉



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Cerita iPhone



Masa tengah surfing tadi, terjumpa satu article bertajuk “Cerita iPhone”
After finished reading the article, first word come out from my mouth “Biar betul!”…hurm…tapi takpe it just for our knowledge why layan jer la..


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Apple cool..with colourful design and come out with new operating system iOS7. Give chance to the Apple lover to have the gadget on their own favourite colour.As usual Apple come out with same gadget with slightly difference from previous model…I can’t wait for new fresh gadget from Apple…hurm when…will see..keep up the good work Mr Tim Cook..

Ok, that’s all for now.

c u 😉


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