Love our environment

04 Dec

Hi friends,

Just want to share one short story of animation from youtube. So cute…and cool. This story or maybe I can say the example about small creatures suffer from pollution made by human….or done by us but we not aware it…huhuhu…even it just a very small thing…but affect to our environment system.

We seldom talk about pollution effect against this small creatures. Normally we just discuss big things like pollution against water, air, land, noise and light. But when I watched this story..then I know actually there is other life with us that we need to respect it in appropriate way. In fact, we just know to say “syuhh!!…syuhh!!…go away….” when fly come to our food, ant inside our drink, snail at our garden and etc…I believe if we know how to keep our place nice and clean, they will not disturb our life and we also not disturb their food chain.


So start from now, we need to ensure we not litter the rubbish even it is only a chewing gum at anywhere. Please throw it in appropriate place…not only you but also as remainder to myself too…huhuhu..


Ok….thant’s all for now…hope you enjoy this short movie…heee

c u 🙂


(images: google)

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