“There is always hope..never give up!”- Nick Vujicic

03 Dec

I’m still remember some where in 2006, one of my friends forwarded one clip regarding one amazing guy. Became inspiration to everybody from whole over the world. Everybody falling in love with him. He is motivational speaker. He born without all four limbs due to tetra-amelia syndrome. His name is Nicolas James Vujicic.
He motivated us about how we have a very beautiful life. In what ever circumstances we are…we still have a hope to live happily…”We have the choice either to step towards our goals and dreams or step away going to temporary things”….the choice is yours…
This video I got it from youtube…actually this is first video which introduced me about him. Hope will be inspiration and motivation especially to you and also to all my classmate, since we are in study week now…hope we are study smart…be the best for our self and never give up..
Good luck and enjoy yourself..

c u 😉

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Posted by on December 3, 2013 in Motivation


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