I’m stress

25 Nov

Hi friends,

I’m little stressed right now. Many things in my head like “whirlwind inside of my head”..suddenly remind me to the Papercut lyric from Linkin Part hee..Why I stress? I stress on many things..stress on study, work, relationship, life…bla..bla..bla…better I’m not mention it…afraid become more stress when you read it hee..

Until I make a quick and short research on how to manage the stress. I google it. Then I saw this clip from youtube regarding stress management …short, simple, easy to understand and it is interesting. So I would like to share it because “sharing is caring“.

As summary from my research, we need to think positively, get enough sleep, eat healthy food and do something that will make we happy. These are the parts of ways how manage our stress easily. Actually there are a lot of ways or method out there. As long as the way that you choose not make you become more worse such as taking drug, alcohol or something that can harm yourself.  I hope this can be a lesson to us how we can manage our stress correctly. Hope you enjoy it..

That’s all for today…enjoy your day..don’t worry and be happy..bye2 😉

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Posted by on November 25, 2013 in Motivation


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